...Tommy Armour produced a set of single-length irons back in the late 80ís.† The only problem was that they were all built to a #6 iron club length.† Itís crucial that a set of single-length irons fit you precisely or youíre wasting your time.† Thatís why Tommy Armour dropped the line within a few years.† Your

1 Irons are a much better design and are custom fitted perfectly.† I have never played irons that even came close to this level of performance.

George H. - CA


...at 72 years old I thought that Iíd have to give up golf but my new 1 Irons have completely rejuvenated my game.

Paul R. - MN


...my only regret is that I didnít buy these clubs ten years ago!

Randy F. - FL


...my club pro turned me onto 1 Iron Golf and Iím so glad he did.

Carl - UK


...after playing my

1 Iron Golf clubs Iíll never go back to conventional irons again.

Harry - WA

Golf club testingGolf Iron design specificationsGolf wood design specifications.

The One Iron Golf System was developed through years of in-depth research and experimentation by our founder David Lake.† David, a highly regarded professional golf club designer, had always been skeptical of the need for the standard 1/2 inch length increments between clubs within a set of conventional golf equipment.† Acting on this skepticism David began an in-depth study of the dynamics of golf clubs in relation to playability.† Early on it became apparent that the progressive incremental length increases between successive golf clubs had no affect on distance but a progressively negative affect on playability.† Simply put, the longer the golf club the harder it is to hit. David knew that there had to be an easier, more consistent approach to the game and the obvious but overlooked answer was that all of the golf clubs within a specific design grouping (ie: irons, fairway woods) should be built to the same club length with the same clubhead lie angles.


David built numerous test sets of irons at different club lengths, lie angles, clubhead weights, and bounce angles until he found the perfect combination.† Even he was amazed at the stunning increase in ball striking consistency, control, and accuracy that this new set produced.† In subsequent testing involving hundreds of golfers of all skill levels the results were astounding.† Every golfer involved achieved at least a 50% improvement in their ball striking consistency throughout a set (#3 iron through PW) with an average of a three yard gain in distance with each iron over their old set (no golfer lost distance).† Those who did not carry ďlongĒ irons because they could never play them were hitting the single-length #3 and #4 irons perfectly nine out of ten times (much more consistently and just as far as their hybrid woods).


In 1998 David Lake published the results of his findings in his book ĒOne Iron Golf...the common sense approach to better golfĒ, which sparked immediate interest in the concept of single-length golf equipment throughout the golf industry. Since that time David and the One Iron Golf System have been featured in numerous golf magazine articles and media interviews. David Lake is recognized as the foremost authority on single-length golf equipment design and his 1 Iron line of golf clubs continues to be the largest selling single-length set of clubs world-wide.

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1 Iron Golf corporate officers.

David Lake


Kathy Lake

Vice President

Sandi Wolfram

Asst. KMA

Larry Wolfram

Senior KMA

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